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The Town Developer Non-profit Limited Company of Keszthely was established in 1 July 2016 by the Municipality of the Town of Keszthely, in order to provide the management tasks of the Region and Settlement Development Operative Programs submitted by the Municipality. Unfortunately, the primary goals in terms of the company’s duties were not fulfilled, thus the company initially started with one and later with two people to develop their own projects. As a result of this crucial work have our three projects gained non-refundable support with the total amount of 746.952.850, -HUF, under the EFOP-1.2.9-17-2017-00073 code name (Women Centre of Keszthely), under the EFOP-1.5.2-16-2017-00044 code name (Development of human public services in a regional perspective in Keszthely, Bókaháza, Egeraracsa, Egervár and Orbányosfa) and under the TOP-5.3.1-16-ZA1-2017-00010 code name (Strengthening local identity and cohesion in Keszthely). The Company also participates as a member in the project under the TOP-5.1.2-15-ZA1-2016-00003 code name (Local employment co-operation - Innovative employment co-operation in the districts of Keszthely and Zalaszentgrót)

For the implementation of the supported projects of the Ltd. 32 new status have been established and our staff has increased from 2 to 9 people. The Family and Career Point commenced its operation in 4 Fő Square, also next to our business location situated Human Resource Development Bureau, the Centre of Volunteers in the Csók István Street and the Bureau of Family Support in Gagarin Street stood up. In addition, a number of trainings and programs were carried out such as the free Senior-taxi for elderly people and the free trainings of Family and Career Point.

Please feel free to visit our project subpages as well where you can find further information about our programs, trainings and for the other cost-free opportunities.


With Regards,
The Team of the Town Developer Company of Keszthely